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How would you go about defining photography? Defining photography is a tall order. And honestly, a bit of a cheesy endeavour on my part. “Here we go … another pro photographer giving her two cents“ But hold your judgement, friends. At least for a second. I’m going to define it for myself, and give you […]

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Welcome to the next best thing … When I moved to Seattle almost six years ago, I saw it as the “big city”. A place where I could realize my dreams and really run with them. A few sprints forward and a couple splats on my face, I discovered that photography had been inside me […]

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Let’s talk about posing If you follow me on Instagram, I get on a tiny soap box every now and then to tell you about it. So many times, in my career as a photographer, I chat with clients who tell me that they don’t want to be posed. To that I reply, I understand. […]

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The Giants What do you think of when you hear the word: storytelling? For me, I think of the giants: Apple, Disney, Pixar, Airbnb, Spotify, and Refinery29. Sure, Disney and Pixar seem like obvious choices, for obvious reasons. But what about Airbnb, Spotify, and the others I listed? Why do they make the list? I’ll […]

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The leap In August 2018, I quit my full-time job to pursue running my own business as a wedding photographer, brand strategist, and overall creative collaborator. Being that it is December 2018 now, you could say that I am still very much in the thick of figuring out what that all means. A few weeks […]