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Hands = Human Hands: they are one of the multiple reasons we are human. We hold, reach out, carry, build, pull, push, create, connect, and bond, all with the help from our hands. Hands help us make friends, pursue dreams, and comfort one another. Hands help us know that everything is going to be alright. […]

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Ready to come with us? I have these friends. They’re super bendy. And they’re also very kind. No, I’m not talking about gumby. I’m talking about yoga. The real good kind of yoga that feels like therapy and church all rolled into one. Meet Chelsea and Michelle: the master minds behind {pulse} yoga retreats. I’ve […]

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The leap In August 2018, I quit my full-time job to pursue running my own business as a wedding photographer, brand strategist, and overall creative collaborator. Being that it is December 2018 now, you could say that I am still very much in the thick of figuring out what that all means. A few weeks […]

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Hello world. Meet Lizzie. The owner, writer, and shining light behind the very popular Seattle based blog, Donuts and Downdog. In her words, Donuts + Downdog is all about having fun and being healthy. What drew me to Lizzie first was her genuine love of life, even when it sucks. She doesn’t sugar coat things, […]

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I recently read something I wrote as a Facebook update 5 years ago, “Dreaming of doing my own thing #photog dreams”. It may not be the most poetic or profound thing I’ve ever written, but I remember exactly where I was when I wrote it. I was sitting behind a front desk, dying at a […]