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This is Olivia. This is her brand.

Better known as Olie.G to her adoring fans. I met this amazing singer/songwriter in my other life as a school administrator. We worked together bringing amazing after school care to kids in the ‘burbs surrounding Seattle. She was the gal in the corner, uke in hand, playing it up like the pied piper, kids skipping behind her.

So when she came to me over the summer to tell me of her dreams to take her singing full time, the whole dream came into crystal clear focus. This person is a rising star. So we shot some personal branding portraits to make it clear to everyone else.

Kirsch Creative Brand Story Headshots

Sing it for love

Olivia sings not only for herself, but for anyone and everyone searching for love, a dream, or just something bigger. There’s a raw and real brilliance from her words. Looking back at our meeting notes, we talked about open mics to perform at, youtube videos to upload, house parties to throw. Through it all, one thing sticks out to me – Olie’s sense of rising the community around her as she rises too. She knows that she is a voice of many. And the more people following their passions makes this world a better place.

Her personal brand is not a brand at all. It’s just being a good human.

*drops the mic*

Brand Story Headshot

Her story

Her story is pretty straight forward, sing her heart out and hustle hard. But through it all, love harder. I dunno ya’ll, this gal is pretty inpsiring. And to top it all off, all the recording, performing, and hustling is pushing through. Catch her at this year’s Folklife in Seattle! I was honored to be a part of her personal branding journey. Here are some of the faves from our session.

Kirsch Creative Brand Story Photos

Here’s where you can follow Olie.G:





Olie G Spotify Album Art

Oh and if you see this pic above, ya girl helped with this and it’s album art, baby! Olie is just one example that personal branding doesn’t have to be a cold or impossible process. It’s just gotta come from your heart. Here’s another great example from my gal pal Lizzie.

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