Branding 101 // Why hands are important to me


Hands // Portrait // Kirsch Creative

Hands = Human

Hands: they are one of the multiple reasons we are human. We hold, reach out, carry, build, pull, push, create, connect, and bond, all with the help from our hands. Hands help us make friends, pursue dreams, and comfort one another. Hands help us know that everything is going to be alright. Hands help us hold on a little longer. Hands help us believe in something bigger than our brains. They are our connection to ourselves and the outside world.

I capture hands for all these reasons and more. If you’re a maker, hands are the thing that get you to where you wanna go. If you’re in love, hands help you communicate what you’re feeling deep down inside. If you’re an entrepreneur, hands connect you to more opportunities than your mind could ever dream up. Hands are universally the source of our energy, care, love, and support.


I love hands. Holding them, high fiving, reaching out, pulling people in close, showing them where to go, snapping my fingers, handshakes, talking with my hands. When I’m really upset, sometimes I interlace my fingers together, close my eyes, and just hold my own hands. My husband knows that if I need help, but he doesn’t know what to do, that holding my hand is the best thing he can do to show he’s there for me. You don’t have to say anything when you’re using your hands. To me, that’s incredibly comforting.

My grandpa died suddenly about four years ago. Whenever I miss him, which is often, I close my eyes and remember his hands; how he could completely envelop both of my hands with just one of his. If he wanted my attention, he’d ask me to sit down next to him, and he’d hold them. They were big, and gentle, always soft. I used to stare at them and wonder how any person could have such big hands and yet use them as gracefully as he did.

Ink & Laurel

When I embarked on clearing up my own brand story, I knew that a logo revamp was in order. I found Ink & Laurel on Instagram and knew instantly that she was the artist for the task. As we developed the new graphics, it became very clear to me that hands had to be a part of them. Hands are a bit hipster at the moment, but for me they are a classic, wholistic, symbol of hope, generosity, hard work, wisdom, and love. These are sentiments that I admire and dare to be associated with on the daily. I work with my hands, I talk with my hands, I show that I care with my hands. It only seemed fitting to make them a part of this brand, this story.

See how cool? Thanks Sam for knocking it outta the park!

kirsch creative logo


So, I’ll leave you with this last thought: What is that one every day thing that is important to you? That centers you? Why? How could you incorporate it into your brand?


Hands // Portrait // Kirsch Creative Hands // Portrait // Kirsch Creative Hands // Portrait // Kirsch Creative Hands // Portrait // Kirsch Creative Hands // Portrait // Kirsch Creative Hands // Portrait // Kirsch Creative Hands // Portrait // Kirsch Creative


Big thanks to my friend Alex, The Eternal Hostess, for modeling.

We partied in one of my favorite places, The Loft Northwest.

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