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I have these friends. They’re super bendy. And they’re also very kind. No, I’m not talking about gumby. I’m talking about yoga. The real good kind of yoga that feels like therapy and church all rolled into one. Meet Chelsea and Michelle: the master minds behind {pulse} yoga retreats.

I’ve had the honor of documenting each step as they have built a new kind of yoga retreat for folks of all bending capabilities to enjoy. We’ve been to Oregon, now it’s time for California. And you know what comes after California? Mexico, of course! I have a lot of mushy things to say about these two and their work, so I don’t want this next part to get lost. If you’ve been looking to reconnect with yourself, with others, with adventure, then do yourself a favor and go do it. Pulse is here waiting with open arms. Check out this year’s lineup:

Pulse was started out of a missing link and a deep desire within Michelle and Chelsea. Teaching each week in Seattle, they could see that their students could be doing more. And no, I don’t mean more headstands or flying trees or any other crazy poses you’ve seen lately on the ‘gram. No, I’m talking about more within themselves.

Washington Yoga Retreat // Pulse Yoga Retreats // Kirsch Creative

Unite with yourself

Let me tell you a fact. Yoga quite literally means “union”. Or in other words, “connection”. Yoga is quite literally moving meditation. And if you need to understand the science behind meditation, I’m just going to leave this podcast right here. This is not some hippie woo-woo ‘ish right here. It’s LIFE! It’s healthy connections and synapses firing all at once helping you make sense of yourself. It’s REAL. Yoga is the bomb dot com. And I’ll take you to your first class if you’re nervous to dip your toe.

Pulse feeds the adventurous soul looking for community with new people, new foods, and new discoveries within themselves. Heck bring your friends, I’m sure some good old fashion late night chatting is WAY overdue. And folks, we don’t sleep much on this retreat. It feels like you’re time traveling back to high school summer camp.

Haven’t you ever had a moment in your life where things got so hazy that you just wanted to run away for several days? Well, I sure have. Have you ever done it before? I have. Did it do anything for you? It didn’t for me. That’s being real honest … Taking a break from life doesn’t fix anything, it does give you space, but it doesn’t make the haziness go away. Pulse offers clarity. A safe space in an exciting place, with great people, good food, and a bit of adventure to connect with yourself. Whether you know how to do yoga or not. Whether you have problems or not. A good checkup, calibration, and reconnection does a body good.

Northwest Yoga Retreats // Pulse Yoga Retreats // Kirsch Creative

I’ll be there with my camera in Joshua Tree, Tulum, and Nehalem this year. Have you got your adventure shoes on yet?

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