What is Storytelling? // The Importance of Brand Photography


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The Giants

What do you think of when you hear the word: storytelling? For me, I think of the giants: Apple, Disney, Pixar, Airbnb, Spotify, and Refinery29. Sure, Disney and Pixar seem like obvious choices, for obvious reasons. But what about Airbnb, Spotify, and the others I listed? Why do they make the list? I’ll tell ya why.

They listen to their customers, and they build compelling stories because of it. Their stories surround how clients actually use their product/service. And you want to know why these stories are so particularly successful? Their stories come alive through images.

Share. Your. Story. Visually.

Not only is the copy super relatable to potential new customers, the story unfolds right in front of their eyes. Compelling stories ignite a sense of community; communion with the human condition. And then magically, this thing you’re selling becomes so much more than what it seems at first glance. It’s life.

Intentional storytelling takes time. It’s wicked hard. But to share your point of view with the world is invaluable. Your business, product, service, invention, has a story. And story = passion. Stories = dreams. That makes you a superhero. Everyone wants to hear that story. And if you can make it visual, your audience will begin to see the fairy tale that you’ve been fighting for this whole time.

Words without action are empty. Images = action. Partner up, collaborate, find the photographer who will listen to your story and share it with the world.

seattle brand photographer // kirsch creative

Here’s how to make a story out of your brand:

  1. Know why you’re here.
  2. Explain how you got here, with everyone.
  3. Talk about the every day hustle.
  4. Know who you are doing this for and why you’re doing it.
  5. Be the expert: explain how you’re doing what you’re doing.
  6. Know what inspires you and riff off of it.
  7. Capture it. All of it. Document each step.

Get goin’

If you want to know more, shoot me an email at  hello@kirschcreative.com or write a comment below. I’ll buy you a coffee (or something stronger) and we’ll make your hustle come to life.

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  1. Ethan Jordt, PT, DPT, OCS

    December 17th, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    Wonderful as always! You’re awesome

  2. Karen Kirsch

    December 17th, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    YOU ARE! xo